BEMER single sessions $15. Call us today!


What to expect in a first BEMER Session

You will sit in the zero gravity chair, on the B Body (mat) to have your own BEMER experience for 8 minutes-this will have a positive impact on your circulation in your whole body. You can also have one of the applications placed over a “problem area” to send the patented BEMER sign to this area to increase blood flow and to help the body resolve issues related to poor blood flow and stagnation in the cells.

You can come in for 3 complimentary sessions, because 1 session may not have a noticeable change on your system (although some people have dramatic results in one session-it depends on many factors that are unique to you!)

Then if you want to see what can happen with your health with more sessions, you can purchase 10 sessions for $100 to use at any interval, although doing sessions twice a day (AM and PM) is most beneficial.

The optimum usage is 1-2 times/day for a month to really give your body the longer-term support and you can do this for the very low price of $150. You will also be given education on how this valuable technology works to support your lifestyle choices for better health!

We also have an infrared sauna for those of you who like to sweat!! There are many health benefits of sauna, some of which overlap with the benefits of the BEMER, and they can be used together or at different times.

We request an appt for your first visit, so we have enough time to give you a full BEMER experience.
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